INNOVILLS | real life skILLS for tomorrow's INNOVators!
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Who Are We

Innovills is a startup in Edmonton, Alberta that takes your science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) skills to a whole new level by bringing your concepts to life. Through coding, automation, hydraulics, virtual reality and even building your own robot, we’re here to mentor you along the way.


Why Innovills?

We offer hands-on experience to build STEM skills from an early age.

In a crowded market of applicants, companies still struggle to meet their skills demand. We’ll assist you in gaining the right set of skills that companies in STEM industries are looking for. Innovills helps you prepare for a great career while you’re learning.

We help you put your best foot forward.

Allowing you the creativity to build projects big or small to add to your portfolio for university and/or to wow future employers. You’ll be building your experience to match their current and even future needs.

We are always evolving and growing.

As Innovills grows, so will the amount of kits you’ll be able to rent and use. Something that you are dreaming about today, like building your own car, may not be as far away as you think it is. We’re keeping things fresh and interesting.

We let you lead

We’ll rent you the base kit and let you lead your own projects. If you need help, one of our mentors would be happy to offer suggestions, test your coding, and assist as much as you need to bring your project to life. We’re your team.


Our Projects

We are in the final phase of completing Automatic Weed Killer Robot”


Success story #1

Successfully designed their first circuit using simulation software
Successfully designed their first circuit using simulation software
An engineer building portfolio in a new technology
An engineer building portfolio in a new technology
Team building and testing
Team building and testing
Robot that navigates itself
Robot that navigates itself

Autonomous Quadruped



Success story #2

I worked on a self-navigating quadruped project collaborating with Innovills. At first, the whole project seemed like a daunting task, how to code, build and find compatible components to achieve the task. Innovills was an excellent guidance with this project, not only did I complete the project successfully; I gained very valuable experience and knowledge. I learned how to design and properly program the logic for my robot. Sorting out components that are compatible and still meeting the requirements of the task. Finally learned assembling and testing my robot to perfection. It was an exciting and insightful experience with Innovills and looking forward to work with them in the future.

–Pranesh (Third year Industrial Engineering Graduate)

Third Year University Student first time learning to code with Arduino to build his own Quadruped.
Third Year University Student first time learning to code with Arduino to build his own Quadruped.
Testing time
Testing time
Building Entrepreneurial mindset at an event
Building Entrepreneurial mindset at an event
Customer Stories
Our Team

Santha Krishnasamy CEO & Co-Founder

Santha is an Electronics Engineer and an MBA graduate with 15 years of extensive experience in Data Engineering and Data Science in diversified industries across multiple countries. Following her strong passion for entrepreneurship she finished HBX CORe, a pre-MBA course from Harvard Business School and Data Science Specialization from John Hopkins University. She continues to learn to work with many cutting-edge technologies.

Gokul Ramachandran Tech Advisor & Co-Founder

Gokul (PEng) is a Mechanical and Offshore Engineering graduate from Scotland and finished his masters in Industrial Engineering from the US.He has been part of the engineering team in building many biggest refineries across the world like Abu Dhabi gas development, North America’s biggest refinery Motiva at Port Arthur and Shell Scottford. He has 15 years of extensive experience in oil and gas industry across the US and Canada.

Pranesh Ravindran Business Partner & Engineer

Pranesh is in his third year of industrial systems engineering at the University of Regina and also currently working for the Ministry of the Economy as an internship student, gaining energy regulatory experience in Saskatchewan.He has experience in CNC and machining, 3D Printing and also participated in Skills Canada for mechanical CAD, and received a design award for machine shop during his high school.

Can’t wait to meet you!


To get the inside scoop on what’s happening with Innovills, please add yourself to the system. It’ll only take a minute and we promise never to sell your information.

If you have any questions, please call Santha @587-436-3894